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what's on

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Location: Wakepark Lagos
Date: 9th October

Hawaii's North Shore is the world's most dangerous 7-mile stretch of beach. Massive swells, life-and-death rescues, and "the best job in the world" - yet often the most hazardous one - is the compelling drama of Hawaii's big wave guardians. As surfers push the limits and crowds increase, a small group of heroes have reinvented water safety on a parallel track to the rising dangers. Addicting thrills VS inherent peril - they are caught up in both. Surfing's elite watermen risk their lives to save their friends while challenging a realm beyond.


Spend a wonderful day full of wakeboarding, friends & family, bar & food, good vibes, and get cozy in the evening with the Creative Ape Cinema experience screening "Big Wave Guardians"

Come early to have the perfect day!

Wakepark opening: 10am

Screen time: 8pm


MAR 22
Location: Burgau
Date: 18th October

Come early and enjoy the vibe & snack bar!

Screen time: 7:30pm

Coming soon

Ground Swell.jpeg

Location: TBA
Date: TBA

Stay tuned for upcoming infos about this spectacular movie!

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